Slion Group was established in 2017 to manage the Slion Coffee brand cafes across China. Slion Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of V Max Group.

V Max Group has it’s HQ based in Singapore as it started to spread it’s wing into other industries beside agriculture chemical. With the good relationship with the farmers and the know how of the agriculture products, V Max is focusing in bringing the best and safe agriculture products to the consumer worldwide. The Group currently has offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. Slion Group was established recently to focus on SLION Coffee branding setup in China market.

V Max “Nanyang” and “Slion Coffee” are the coffee brands that the group owned and in hoping to bring the best coffee beans and instant coffee to the consumer. The product is currently selling in Indonesia, Singapore and China. The products are free from dangerous agriculture chemical and harmful additives that are bad for human consumption.

V Max “Nanyang” and “Slion Coffee” are Singapore brands with high quality coffee material produced in Indonesia. The final products are then shipped out and imported to various countries by the subsidiary based in it.